Revolutionary Hand Purifier, Qore-24 Now Available at Gelson’s Markets – Qore Systems

Revolutionary Hand Purifier, Qore-24 Now Available at Gelson’s Markets

Qore-24, the world’s only antimicrobial hand purifier, effectively killing germs for up to 24 hours…

…Announced it will be sold at Gelson’s Markets, recognized as one of the nation’s premier supermarket chains.

Gelson’s Markets is part of United Grocers, a retailer-owned wholesale grocery cooperative that supplies independent supermarkets in the western United States.

Qore-24 revolutionized germ protection by using the patented self-assembling technology, Amosil-Q. It creates a safe and protective antimicrobial barrier on the skin killing bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses on contact without harsh chemicals. One application delivers the same protection as an average alcohol-based sanitizer applied every 30 seconds or 2,880 times a day and produces a kill rate of over 99.99 percent. Qore-24 far exceeds the standards of traditional hand sanitizers, ushering in a new era of germ protection.

“Our mission at Qore-24 is to change the way we think about germ protection and to promote healthy lifestyles and active living. Our 24-hour protection effectively and safely prevents the spread of disease. This engagement with United Grocers’ Gelson’s Market chain, allows us to further extend the health benefits of Qore-24 to a broader audience.” said Vince Adam, co-founder and chief operations officer.