About – Qore Systems
At the Qore is the Promise to Purify Your World

Qore Systems is a leading-edge innovator of revolutionary antimicrobial products using our patented AmosilQ bonded technology. Qore Systems currently utilizes AmosilQ to develop self-sterilizing products in the personal care, surface disinfection, and water purification industries.

Backed by 3 patents, EPA approval and FDA listing, our products are ready for distribution to the respective industries, and is forecast to command dominant market in each.

Amosil·Q is a self-assembling polymer that effectively shreds bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses on contact.

Amosil·Q safely kills germs by shredding them apart on contact. When sprayed wet onto skin or a surface it dries to a uniform layer of microscopic spikes that are deadly to any micro-organism. Germs are electrostatically attracted to the Amosil·Q spiked surface. The Amosil·Q molecule then draws the microbe down to its core where the germ is forced to implode (lysis) and dies. Amosil·Q is non-toxic, nonflammable and completely safe for humans, plants, animals and the environment.

Amosil·Q benefits you because there's nothing more important than your health.

Every surface, every touch is an encounter with potentially life-threatening micro-organisms. And traditional sanitizers are comprised of dangerous, flammable chemicals that can cause even more harm than good.

The active ingredient in Qore-24, AMOSIL-Q, is shown to kill a majority of BACTERIAL, VIRAL, AND FUNGAL GERMS
Amosil-Q attracts and kills 99.9% OF GERMS on contact and continues to kill for up to 24 HOURS
Our HANDS are responsible for as much as 80% of the transfer of these GERMS that cause illnesses
Amosil-Q has been shown to be SAFE, NON-TOXIC, NON-IRRITATING, GENTLE on skin, and will NOT STAIN cloths or tarnish surfaces
QORE-24 forms a patented ANTIMICROBIAL BARRIER on the skin that will NOT RUB OFF with mild abrasion or rinse off with hand washing.
One application of QORE-24 is equal to 2,880 APPLICATIONS of the leading alcohol-based HAND SANITIZER